Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

Sonntag, 28. November 2010

"... die auktion ist nur ein symptom für etwas sehr viel komplexeres, eine art hautausschlag... sie ist vulgär in der weise, wie pornographie vulgär ist..." 
keith tyson in 7 tage in der kunstwelt von sarah thornton

Samstag, 27. November 2010

this week

new job
bank account emptied by strangers in nairobi 
fon broke
credit card stolen

Freitag, 26. November 2010

real happiness lies in that which never comes or goes but simply is... 

felicita tea bag

Montag, 1. November 2010

failures to take away...

          # 1    the last point on the corporate agenda: by the way, you are fired... (2003) 

          # 2    being in hospital for 3 weeks due to a car accident, not being called by your first 
                    big love & still hoping the relationship is doing fine... (2001)

          # 3   experiencing your body reacts so nicely on drugs that after overcoming 3 addictions 
                    the fear of a new one makes you stop consuming any substances... (2010)

          # 4   explaining your disbelief in neoliberalism & the capitalistic system at your A-level in an 
                    economic school & finding out that not any utopia can make these brains re-think... (1997)

          # 5   singing & improvising at the student‘s first general meeting at Vienna‘s jazz conservatory. 
                    everybody is obliged. but no tone comes out of your mouth & you have no chance to leave
                    the stage before the band finishes... (2004/2005)

          # 6   finding out that you are too conservative & old fashioned to live in a „free love in free space“
                    WG in Berlin, where your comrads fuck everywhere & whenever you enter & no walls part 
                     the flat into rooms...(2008)

          # 7   you experience sleeping problems & when you get into anxiety states you leave for a 
                   hospital. the psychiatrist looks at you with big eyes, makes you tell your story 5 times & 
                   finally orders you to go home & go to sleep...(2005)

          # 8   you are traveling on your own & after immense hitting on you, you decide to leave the 
                    country earlier.  you arrive at home & get robbed... (2003)

          # 9   you have the gift to get usually invited by men who live in relationships, are shortly before 
                   the birth of their second child or ask you to meet in their house at 11pm „to have a chat“, 
                   while you do not look for any adventures at all...(2001 - ?)

        # 10  your brain is struggling. it tries  to fit you into societys’ scheme whilst at the same time 
                   you are rebelling intensely against it, but from time to time you are still being sad because 
                   somebody else has a model’s beauty, an albert’s intelligence or valie’s artistic intensity...